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Looking for the best price on Double Glazing?

Looking for the best price on Double Glazing?

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Choose Derby Double Glazing For Your Property

To ensure that your family feel comfortable when indoors, choosing double glazing in Derby and the surrounding areas for your doors and windows is a great choice. In addition, this option is very environmentally-friendly. Approximately 28% of carbon dioxide emissions come from homes, this means that by replacing single pane windows with double glazing we can cut these emissions and deal with the issue of energy loss. In fact, it’s not just the heating costs that can be cut, double glazing can also decrease internal condensation and noise pollution.

A further advantage to opting for double glazing is the security it can provide for your home. Intruders will use windows and doors as their main entry points. Since double glazed windows have their own locking system and are challenging to break, they provide added security.

Stick To FENSA-Approved Window Providers

Thousands of contractors in England and Wales who specialise in double glazing, are working with FENSA. Choosing a double glazing company who is registered with FENSA provides the consumer with a better level of protection for their double glazing purchase.

Why It’s Worth Using A FENSA Registered Company

There is no need for you to register your recent door or window installation with your local authority. The approach that FENSA take is simple, very quick, and will help you save yourself hundreds of pounds.
It ensures that you have met the Building Regulations without having to organise, and pay for, an assessment by the Building Control.

Since FENSA installers are able to work across all Local Authority jurisdictions, if you have a number of properties located in various local authorities, you can still use the services of one FENSA installer. It’s clear then that by using a FENSA registered company, you can cut costs, as well as save time when completing your window installation. In addition, better protection is provided when you opt for double glazing. In a few words, it gives you peace of mind when searching for an installer, provides you with an easy and fast way to comply with Building Regulations and gives you a means of steering clear of crook traders.

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What Exactly Is Double Glazing?

This refers to the process or glazing where two panes of glass are used, with a small space in between them both. The space is normally between 0.63 and 0.75 inches (that’s between 16 and 19 mm). Air is often trapped between the panes, giving added insulation. A drying agent is added before sealing to make sure that there is no moisture inside the unit.

Why Choose Double Glazing?

As well as cutting down on noise pollution, double glazing is a great choice in energy efficiency. The air gap between the two panes gives extra insulation. Single pane windows easily allow heat and noise to be transferred. During the summer, sunlight warms your home. During the winter, the thermal resistance keeps the heat in, hence making your home more comfortable. In the summer, double glazing will do the opposite and stop heat entering the home.

Such added insulation can cut your energy costs as it allows you to rely less on air conditioners and indoor heating systems.

Save On Energy Costs

Thermal insulation is created by the airtight design of double glazed windows. Hence the outgoing and incoming heat flow is reduced. Since less energy is required to cool down, or to heat up, the indoor space, energy costs can be minimised.

Less Noise Pollution

A calmer and more peaceful house can be achieved with the help of double glazing. In fact, high-performance double glazing can actually reduce outdoor noise by up to 60%, that means if your home is located in a noisy area, such as on a busy road, the investment is well worthwhile and it’s better to go for the higher spec windows in this case.

Cut Down On Your Carbon Footprint

We are all very well aware of the current climate change and global warming that we see all around us. The highest temperatures around the world were recorded in 2014. This has an impact on the future for our children, as well as safety and the rates of insurance. The amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitted can be reduced with the help of double glazing, hence reducing your carbon footprint.

Financial savings by installing double glazing – per year
CO2 emission reduction – kg per year
Below average energy use for heating per year
smaller house or warmer area
Average energy use for heating per year
the average in the UK
Above average energy use for heating per year
larger house or colder area
Source of energy for heatingSavings with
original energy use
10000 kWh
Savings with
original energy use
15000 kWh
Savings with
original energy use
20000 kWh
Electricity £0.154 per kWh
£154 (367kg)£231 (550.5kg)£308 (734kg)
Gas £0.043 per kWh£43 (210kg)£64.5 (315kg)£86 (420kg)
Off Peak Electricity £0.075 per kWh£75 (367kg)£112.5 (550.5kg)£150 (734kg)
LPG £0.058 per kWh£58 (230kg)£87 (345kg)£116 (460kg)
Heating Oil £0.043 per kWh£43 (260kg)£64.5 (390kg)£86 (520kg)

What Exactly Is FENSA?

FENSA is the abbreviation for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. This is a government authorised Competent Persons Scheme in England and Wales, covering doors, windows and roof light replacement. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) requested the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) to set up FENSA with the purpose of letting registered companies self-certify and give proof that their installers have compliance with Building Regulations.

Glass Glazing Services are FENSA registered which means they can proudly ensure that the doors and windows that you choose from Absolute Glazing Services are in full compliance with the current Building Regulations.

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We make it easy for you to get a quote. Just request a quote from us, but we urge you to get quotes from other companies because we want you to compare companies. Doing this will help you find the right company. All you have to do is put in a request for a quote and then wait until you hear back from us so we can arrange our reputable installers to give you a competitive quote.

Keep in mind that installers have to inspect the site they will work on before they can provide you with an accurate quote. This is why we don’t offer instant quotes. Don’t worry because all surveys are FREE of charge and this will allow you to see just how professional we are.

Our Customers

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