Derby Double Glazing Services

We find glass and glazing installers that offer a free no obligation quotation for your windows, our network is trusted reliable and accredited, and we strive to offer the best installers possible. We believe in finding the right installer for you at the best affordable rates. We take the pain out of finding a reputable company, we only work with installers that have been given consistent positive feedback, without positive feedback we would strike them from our network.

Is It Free?

Our installers do provide us with a small fee, as this is for their quotes on consumers’ double glazing installation. This allows us to pass the quotes onto you, for free. Plus, the installers are all competing for your business, which is why they know they have to provide attractive quotes.

Should You Bother

If you don’t care about money, then you may still want to choose one company over another. This is why it’s a good idea to shop around for providers and installers. It is also a good idea to check out any warranties on the work that will be performed.

About The Process

After you provide us with information, we will find three installers, all FENSA-approved and within our networks. All of the providers that give us quotes will eventually contact you to learn more about your situation and needs, and then they will provide you with a more detailed quote. It is up to you as to who you choose to work with.

Get A Quote

We make it easy for you to get a quote. Just request a quote from us, but we urge you to get quotes from other companies because we want you to compare companies. Doing this will help you find the right company. All you have to do is put in a request for a quote and then wait until you hear back from us so we can arrange our reputable installers to give you a competitive quote.

Keep in mind that installers have to inspect the site they will work on before they can provide you with an accurate quote. This is why we don’t offer instant quotes. Don’t worry because all surveys are FREE of charge and this will allow you to see just how professional we are.

Our Customers

“I was interested in this technology and the fact that I would recover some capital from my investment. But the initial cost was a factor for us so therefore we were impressed with both the quotation, and product knowledge, provided by Derby Double Glazing. Derby Double Glazing was excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. They kept their promises on delivery, installation, and after-sales and were clean and tidy during the work at our house. In fact, they finished a half-day early.”


Sophie R. - Norfolk